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Best online shooting games for pc 2013

best online shooting games for pc 2013

Irrational Games ' long-awaited BioShock sequel is the best first-person shooter on PC in 2013. Gorgeous art direction make the sky-city of Columbia feel like a.
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Find out what you're in for in some of the best FPS games in 2013. First person shooters have been a staple of videogames since the release. Rise and shine, Mister Freeman, wake up and smell the ashes. But the previous games from the same dev have been hit and miss, so it's probably best to wait for the reviews. CLOSE More Options Quote of the Day You become what you think. Based on its treatment of history, we're putting our money on fist-fights with Thomas Paine and a minecart chase with William Wordsworth. A mythological take on the DotA format from Hi-Rez, the folks behind Global Agenda and Tribes: Ascend. It looks all right, the swinging-down- New-York about as good as you'd expect. Top 5 online FPS/TPS Browser games of 2013-2014 for pc (no download required)

Best online shooting games for pc 2013 - contest

At the time of this writing, DLCs released for the game include the single mission DLC Shock Drop Slaughter Pit and two larger content packs, The Holodrome Onslaught and Lady Hammerlock the Baroness, each of which includes additional campaign storyline and new playable characters. BioShock Infinite Video Review PC. Meanwhile, the story still managed to sock us in the gut, even when we knew a big twist was coming. Cute cheerleaders with chainsaws have been sorely missed in gaming. To get a pretty good idea of exactly what it's going to be like, play Tom Clancy's HAWX, Afterburner or Crimson Skies with Highway to the Danger Zone playing on your iPod. A revamped weapons and upgrades system promises to make character progression feel more meaningful than it was last time. In the single player portion of the game players will race to save colonists on Shear from the onslaught of alien monsters. best online shooting games for pc 2013