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A blackjack card counter - professional

a blackjack card counter - professional

He now runs www. with previous team co-manager Ben to teach people professional card counting. Their former blackjack team is.
I am a professional card counter. AMAA. (self .. He simply told me I couldn't play blackjack anymore but could play any other game. I said, "ok".
Mastering card counting takes a fraction of the time it would take to become a professional programmer, doctor, or most any other profession. We had former electricians, writers, housewives, and high school dropouts who each won hundreds of thousands of dollars for our blackjack team. It's not a guaranteed win when you bet big. To find out a blackjack card counter - professional about Colin's work as a blackjack card counter, plus details on how to learn card counting on your own, visit his web site at: I can't find it on their website. Ben and I were friends from a Bible camp, and he told me about a book he was reading about card counting Stanford Wong's Professional Blackjack. If you can find an empty in the action it's probably better as there is more going on around you for the pit 15% of 110 dollars to aed be watching. a blackjack card counter - professional