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How tall is 14.2 hands high

how tall is 14.2 hands high

I'm 5'4 and around 115 pounds am i to big for a horse this tall? OK it IS 58 inches BUT that is 4 feet 10 inches tall. Each hand is 4 inches and.
Would a horse that's 14.2 be too small for someone as big as me? I'm 5'9 and ride a haflinger who is 14 hands when he stands on his.
small ponies. Our table shows the conversion from hands to centimetres. 14.2. At various times in history and in. You will find it's very hard to make an animal measure up exactly the same every time. How tall is too tall and how short is TOO short? The "hh" stands for "hands high. I would even consider going smaller if I ever get another horse.

Basketball: How tall is 14.2 hands high

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