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State of california tobacco laws

state of california tobacco laws

California Tobacco 21 Law. ATTENTION RETAILERS! Tobacco 21 is the Law as of June 9, Resources are available to help you.
In 2009 and several laws were adopted at the state and federal levels that affect how tobacco is used, sold, or otherwise regulated in California.

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The sign shall include a specified toll-free telephone number for persons to report unlawful sales to minors. For those struggling with nicotine addiction, resources are available at Valid Identification May Be Required. This self-guided PowerPoint provides essential information for managers and clerks regarding the sale of tobacco products in California. Spanish: Letter to Retailers from California Department of Public Health Translated into Spanish, this letter from State Health Officer and California Department of Public Health Director Karen Smith describes new tobacco laws that apply to California retailers and provides information and resources to help them comply. SLATI State Information: California. Arabic: Minimum Sale Age and Electronic Smoking Devices, A Summary for Retailers This factsheet is written in Arabic and summarizes key provisions of new laws related to the age-of-sale for tobacco products and the sale of electronic smoking devices.
No person shall discharge an employee or in any manner discriminate against any employee or applicant state of california tobacco laws employment because the employee or applicant engaged in any conduct delineated in this chapter, including lawful conduct occurring during nonworking hours away from the employer's premises. Turn off more accessible mode. New VA Secretary Urged to Push Hiring Freeze Exemptions. Navy Commander Charged in Wide-Ranging Bribery Case. Spanish: Retail Tobacco Laws FAQ Translated into Spanish, this document Tooth whitening to questions retailers may have about changes to tobacco laws. state of california tobacco laws

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SLATI State Information: California. White House Names Possible Shortlist for Flynn Replacement. Bars Smoking is prohibited in all enclosed places of employment, including bars, except for designated break rooms that are separately ventilated directly to the outside and located in a non-work area where no one is required to enter as part of their work responsibilities. E-cigarettes are also not allowed in locations where smoking has long been prohibited, including public transit, worksites, restaurants, schools and playgrounds. To the extent that there is an inconsistency between this section and a local standard that imposes greater restrictions on the access to tobacco products, the greater restriction on the access to tobacco products in the local standard shall prevail.