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Top 5 best android games 2015

top 5 best android games 2015

Our list of best Android games from the Google Play Store in Check out our list of our favorite action, fighting, strategy and puzzle games. ‎ Best free Android games of 2016 · ‎ Best offline Android games.
These are our picks for five of the best new Android games (May 2015) you can download for free.
These mobile games are the creme of the crop when it comes to selecting the top 5 best Android games of January 2015.
Also it alice adventures in wonderland game completely free to play! The mix of enchanting visuals, familiar mechanics and gently stiffening challenges proves stimulating and captivating. The goal is to get a ball down a tunnel that you must twist so that the ball stays on the tiles. Check it out via the Play Store link. We can assure you it is well worth the initial investment. The top 5 best android games 2015 is to take down the bad guys — and the cybernetic implants go some way towards helping with that, enabling Jensen to remote-hack computer equipment as he makes his way round this angular turn-based take on the popular console series. A knowingly smart shooter, The Bug Butcher channels classic arcade titles but wraps everything up in a charming cartoon style, peppered with energetic, humorous dialogue. Top 10 Free HD Android Games 2015 (High Graphics)

Top 5 best android games 2015 -

For a game that eventually pushes your observation skills, precision and nerve to breaking point, Linia is almost absurdly easy at first. You play as two teenagers who are dealing with all kinds of ridiculous shenanigans. Cleverly, you then continue on as your heir, and Reigns' true genius becomes apparent. This colorful tower defense game will suck up a lot of your time and potentially money, if you want to make use of its in-app purchases , but you are guaranteed fun along the way. You could call Thomas Was Alone a "platform game" if you wanted to be mean and disrespectful, but it's more about offering an atmospheric and thoughtful journey through an abstract world. From the off, Train Conductor World is demanding, and before long a kind of 'blink and everything will be smashed to bits' mentality pervades. top 5 best android games 2015