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Albert Schweitzer Hospital

Albert Schweitzer Hospital

A famous charitable institution in Africa, the Albert Schweitzer hospital in Gabon, is nearing its hundredth birthday. But after a century spent.
Dr Albert Schweitzer cradles two babies at the hospital he founded in Lambaréné, part of French Equatorial Africa (now Gabon). Photograph.
5-- Albert Schweitzer died last night in his jungle hospital here. He was 90 years old. Schweitzer's death was kept secret through the night because of a request. VSee Telemedicine Kit in Gabon - Albert Schweitzer Hospital
The English version, "J. Late in the third day of his journey he was on deck thinking and writing. A Guide to Action. Lambarene, on the Albert Schweitzer Hospital River a few miles from the Equator, is in the steaming jungle. Its climate is among the world's worst, with fiercely hot days, clammy nights. Giant alien robots games, Goethe and Kant. In those years he completed his doctoral thesis in philosophy, a study of Imanuel Kant's.

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The society, wary of Schweitzer's unorthodox religious views, had barred him. While the two physicians and the nurse looked after the patients Schweitzer figured as architect and foremen and constructed the hospital in two years with the help of the convalescents and their companions. Babies, even in the leper enclave, dropped toys into the. He was buried in a brief and simple ceremony early this afternoon next to an urn. They said he was arrogant, abusive, and racist. Called upon to be specific about Reverence for Life, he explained that the concept "does.

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