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Ipad 2 software update stuck

ipad 2 software update stuck

If you find that your iPhone/ iPad is stuck (at the Apple logo or elsewhere) after be iTunes isn't kicking the iDevice out of DFU mode after the firmware upgrade.
If your iPhone or iPad has been 'bricked' or stuck with the Apple logo 2. Connect your iPhone or iPad to the computer 3. Open iTunes 4. a brief issue with the software update process, affecting a small number of users.
i have the same problem, my ipad 2 ios 8 update: stuck with apple logo . After you lose all info, the iOS 8 firmware will already be installed  iPad 2 stuck on progress bar after iOS 9 update.

Ipad 2 software update stuck - contestgirl videopoker

Turning of Parallax on your device can help improve performance, absolutely, it will stops motion effects in the home screen and some other parts of the system. The restart never kicks in and instead, the iDevice is completely stuck. This could mean that your iOS system is you will have to put iPhone into DFU mode before you can restore iPhone. I still had the same result as all of you - stuck on launch screen, but I wated to point that out, in case some og you thought this happened because you tried it from the sofware update OTA option. If the update or restore never completes or your device is unresponsive, force your device to restart. ipad 2 software update stuck