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Scar h sv vs ace 53 sv

scar h sv vs ace 53 sv

Some SRAW kills as well plus some Second Assault footage.
The SCAR - H SV is able to land more accurate shots than ACE 53 SV, as well as having lower first shot recoil. However, the ACE 53 SV has one advantage over.
Ace 53 and SCAR are great for mid-long range, though extremely similar. SCAR has shorter reload with smaller clip. Comes down to  Most OP DMR? page 2/2 - Forums. scar h sv vs ace 53 sv SCAR-H vs SAR-21 Weapon Review: The Better Long Range Rifle - Battlefield 4 Log In to GameFAQs. Same amount of spread HIP, Crouching, Not moving. I haven't unlocked the angled for it. SKS for close range. However, I find myself using them VERY effectively, at least in my experience.

Scar h sv vs ace 53 sv - official site

I used the SKS to unlock all the DMRs, and used the SCAR only from there. This brings me to my next point: Never use the heavy barrel. So no one knows what the exact stats are on spread increase. I don't like to spam. Sights are really up to you. Find a Friend Fridays. For all other ranges, you should focus on maximizing your stability so you can pop off accurate shots faster.