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Where to buy gerber ultra flush 21 312

where to buy gerber ultra flush 21 312

Buy the Gerber 21 - 312 Ultra Flush Elongated Two Piece Pressure Assist Toilet - White for at
Find Products for your Bathroom. Selection for all your Gerber Plumbing Gerber Ultra Flush Siphon Jet Toilet Tank, White - 2.0 out of 5 stars 1.
Purchase online Gerber Toilets with Flushmate. Gerber Ultraflush with Flushmate, High Efficiency toilets, HET 21 - 312 -EF elongated 1.1 GPF Watersense.
Looks like an oversized tank on that toilet, and the rest of it looks rental property grade. It's not much for bowl rinse. I called up Gerber today and told them what was going on see above story. I am looking for a product that will perform yet be trouble free in my home as well as rental properties. Front mounted metal tank lever with brass arm.