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Alien robot names

alien robot names

Is a cyborg a robot? Is an alien a robot? For example, Darth Vader is “more machine than man,” just like RoboCop. Are they both robots? In the.
This often leads to simple descriptive names for robots. Thus, people and machines (and aliens ;)) interacting with the robot immediately know.
Maybe you'd like to find a sci-fi themed name for your yet-unnamed geekling, dog or gerbil. I also know that many of these are aliens who don't necessarily have a gender. For robot, android, gynoid and computer names, see this list.

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This often leads to simple descriptive names for robots. SHROUD "Synthetic Human, Radiation Output Determined" and SHOCK "Synthetic Human Object, Casualty Kinematics" from the novel V. Starcrash is practically a miracle of low-budget, terrible filmmaking. In his works with more sophisticated robots, they would get normal human names, but they'd be addressed with R. Just block off the next ten minutes and watch it. Others in turn wear pure fantasy names that often sound very robot-specific. Machines, robots and androids, are not a recent invention: artificial life forms have kindled the imagination of mankind for centuries. In today's name-finding blogpost, we take a look at robot names : How are robots named? You think of artificial intelligence, you think of HAL. Honey Nut Cheerios' Buzz Bee Cheerios, my kids' favorite cereal, alien robot names didn't happen. Plant and Tree Names. But, ultimately, history will forget this, too—no matter how long any one lifetime, no matter how brightly it burns.
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