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Interactive achievement itest 7 student login

interactive achievement itest 7 student login

Aligned to standards and the school curriculum, PowerSchool's student assessment product uses data to link teaching with assessment for improved outcomes.
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Interactive achievement itest 7 student login - mgm grand

Select the Exams tab and click on New Exam. If resources, such as passages, are attached to a question, the resource will also drop into the test. School Overview information shows in the right column. Add Sections and Select Tools. Unless you add or remove, those tools will be automatically available for each section. Class Data Overview Tab. Plant Histology Lite Education View in iTunes.
Critical Thinking, Problem-Solving, and Decision Making. Bloom's Technology Pyramid Interactive. Select Question, Bloom's Taxonomy, Webb's DOK, or Standard. Provides the percentage of students answering correctly Details the percentage of students selecting each answer choice Can expand a standard to see data by indicators Can print detailed reports at each level by clicking the printer icons. Ideal for analyzing trends in class or student responses.