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Queen swords tarot

queen swords tarot

When you have received the Queen of Swords in your reading, you are seen as an assertive perfectionist who is also hyper protective and ambitious. A mother.
The Queen of Swords – The Professional Keywords Mature Air Feminine, Intelligent, Academic, Boss, Integrity, Honesty, Truth, Principles, Standards, Clinical.
The Queen of Swords is one who is quick-witted and strong-minded and has a strong personality. She is one who has gained much spiritual knowledge and.
KEEN is for entertainment purposes. Every Tarot reading involves dealing cards into specific acey deucey free within a pattern. She expects her advice to be acted on or her order to be carried out without question or without the need for her to reiterate. I help purpose-driven people live an intuitive life with Tarot as a guide. She will use her mind to analyse the pros and cons of each man she meets and will make her decisions after she has spent time conversing and observing mannerisms and actions. She is upfront and honest about her opinions, and expects the same from. She loves conversation but it has to be the kind that queen swords tarot her brain as this breathes life into her very soul.

Queen swords tarot - deposit

Using her inward focus of a Queen, the double-edged sword also symbolises how she will take her feelings or the feelings of others into account before making any decision. She is honest and thorough. This site uses cookies, and by using it you agree to the full Terms of Service. The Queen of Swords reversed is not all bad and we should not be too quick to judge her. In her right hand, she comfortably holds a sword pointed to the sky, and her left hand extends as if she has something to offer to others. Butterflies also adorn her crown. You have ideas that are ruled by the drive of the heart which is what makes you so uniquely you, and someone that others enjoy being around and depending on. queen swords tarot