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Which is correct 2 pair or 2 pairs glasses

which is correct 2 pair or 2 pairs glasses

"I have a pair of glasses for my poor eyesight. Does one always use plural to refer to anything that is in pairs, even if it is just Which is the correct way to say? 2) Can any reasonable explanation be worked out for this  two pants, three pants, four pants, (are they incorrect.
For example, in college I got into a debate with a roommate over whether the correct plural of pair was “ pair ” or “ pairs.” We were talking about  Missing: glasses.
2. While a ' pair of glasses ' is a single item, it is describe with TWO plurals. So which is correct? A pair of glasses was perched on her nose.

College football: Which is correct 2 pair or 2 pairs glasses

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Which is correct 2 pair or 2 pairs glasses So here Ceferino Arroyo a poll! This is one of those words like "deer" where sometimes you might say "I just saw some deer in my back yard. Just remember that an S on a noun means it is plural and that's what you mean when you say. Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead?. This deal is a great way to save money on eyeglasses for kids - no matter what happens to the first pair, you'll always have a second one ready to go!

Which is correct 2 pair or 2 pairs glasses - march brackets

I would be surprised if the evolution of the term "pair of eyeglasses" just so happened to match the general rule for non-count nouns in general. Please click here to schedule an appointment online. But I would say "These are better than those". I am attempting to find things to enhance my website! The issue is clouded in my mind because not everything that is called a 'pair' is not actually two things. You may not vote on this poll. What a simple rule to learn! Find all posts by Leaffan. Thank you for the tips. Gratefulness you for your information. I've also seen it used, probably extrapolated from that, to refer to a portion perhaps of a shipment of any kind of goods. Same goes for phrases like "a family" or "a class"-they are each a singular entity made up of multiple people. I'm guessing it's more an old-fashioned usage than regional dialect, and my Mom's generation must have been the last to talk like .