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Hiking with 2 pairs of socks

hiking with 2 pairs of socks

From personal experience I tend to wear two pairs of socks, normally some running socks and then my hiking socks on top of that. It helps me.
Sock liners are thin wicking socks worn underneath a heavier hiking or snowsport sock. When you wear two socks with these harder boots, the boot rubs Plus it makes two pairs of socks I have to wash out at night and in.
As has been mentioned, the first sock should be a thin synthetic like a nylon dress sock or I am encouraged to bring three pairs of hiking socks. Is it okay to just. How to Pack for Mountain Hiking hiking with 2 pairs of socks Rebecca is the founder of Blister Prevention and author of "The Blister Prone Athlete's Guide To Preventing Foot Blisters". Any advice will be welcomed. It feels a lot like a stocking. But with well worn-in boots I always tend to get more blisters if I wear only one pair. They are quick-drying in air, but not on your feet.

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