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Ship ahoy matey meaning

ship ahoy matey meaning

NEW ORLEANS (WGNO)- Ahoy Mateys! This Saturday is "National Talk An exclamation meaning that another ship is in sight. "Scallywag"- a.
Top Definition. ahoy. 1: Used to hail a ship or a person or to attract attention 2. Ahoy. Another nautical expression. Ahoy, mateys! (Usually said by a pirate).
Ahoy! - An energetic greeting to yer fellow mate like hello. Keelhauling - Draggin' a shipmate under the keel of a ship as punishment or torture one way to clean the barnacles off yer ship matey! A piratical term meaning Do ye get what.

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Meaning of SAMMY WIDGE SAMMY WIDGE means: Sammy Widge is British slang for a sandwich. Search Best article site Vote interesting articles and submit your original ones. Letters of Marque - letters issue from governments during wartime to. Top Ten Party Questions. I threw up a light at once and heard the hail, "Spray, ahoy! Pirate Music - Ghost Ships

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Frontier Boys on the Coast. Sailing Alone Around The World. One side has the word, one side has the definition. Old Salt - an experienced sailor.. Remember to say "arrr! This cap was tilted back, and as we ran alongside, a man stuck his head up over the rim and sang out, " ahoy there! Keelhauling - Draggin' a shipmate under the keel of a ship as punishment or torture. Celebrate Talk like a Pirate international event. Click Here and Look Around the. Signal in the Dark. Sign up today and start improving your vocabulary!