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Which of the following does 6 //7 x 3 //5 equal sign with three

which of the following does 6 //7 x 3 //5 equal sign with three

3 plus 4 times 2 minus negative 2 equals 3 plus 8 plus 2 equals 13 Example 7 Notice that the following numeric fraction is not spoken as "twenty-fifths," since this EndFrac equals CrossOut 6 With 3 EndCrossOut cross three -halves equals 9 5 plus StartStartFrac x minus StartFrac 1 Over 2 EndFrac OveOver x plus.
There are many times in algebra when you need to simplify an expression. You will want to have a good understanding of these properties to make the . Rewrite 7 + 2 + 8.5 – 3.5 in two different ways using the associative property of . such as 6 (5 – 2), is equal to the sum or difference of products, in this case, 6 (5) – 6 (2).
You only needed to do one thing to get the answer, divide 6 by 2. If the equation is in the form, ax + b = c, where x is the variable, you can solve Divide both sides by 7. Some equations may have the variable on both sides of the equal sign. 3. Isolate the variable term using the inverse operation or additive inverse.
Why Tarantulas Always Choose Miss Right How do spiders choose a Valentine? Which value of x will make the following expression true? Exponents are numbers that have been multiplied by themselves. We imitate the rules of arithmetic with letters, because we mean that the rule will be true for any numbers. The area A of trapezoid is given by this formula.