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Aceliner stapler how to refill

aceliner stapler how to refill

Known as "The Executive's Stapler ", the Aceliner has been in demand by business leaders for over 40 years. Featuring a covered bottom, all steel chrome finish.
Find this stapler on eBay Vintage Aceliner 502 Stapler. TheStruggleville Find this stapler on eBay.
Staples aceliner 502 stapler related problems. user manual for one touch stapler H60 To fix the Staple's One Touch Stapler, you must pull the stapler open so. aceliner stapler how to refill How to: put staples in stapler The spring should still be there. Holding onto the knob, raise the guide again and return it to its original position. If it works, you've added the staples correctly. They should fit snugly, but do not force additional staples Fear the slide if there is no room. Your staples should slide easily back and forth along the staple rail.