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Android virtual device mac address

android virtual device mac address

I need to obtain the MAC address of my android device using Java. .. device rather than emulator or virtual device – pm dubey Dec 19 '16 at.
Please don't tell me a pray about that MAC addresses are burned into a chip, at least not in these devices, because I've already lost their IMEI's.
As with a hardware device, after you install an app on a virtual device, it remains until you uninstall or replace it. If needed, you can test how multiple apps, such  ‎ Create and Manage Virtual · ‎ Configure Hardware · ‎ Android Emulator.
Optionally specify an Altitude value in the range. Increasing the size uses more resources on. Sign up using Facebook. Left-click and drag to select a box-shaped area to zoom in on. The Android Emulator is fast. Compare the latest available emulator version. How to Find the Mac Address on a Samsung Galaxy S2 Android Gingerbread android virtual device mac address