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Meaning of luke 21:36

meaning of luke 21:36

Luke Parallel Commentaries THE NEARNESS OF THE KINGDOM St Luke xxi. 31. Therefore let us pay diligent attention to the meaning of the words.
(36) Pray always.—The word is not the same commonly used for “pray,” but occurs once only in the other Gospels (Matthew St. Luke uses it fifteen times in.
Coupled with watching and overcoming, the next subject that Jesus addresses in Luke is prayer. To grasp just how important prayer is, notice the example. No other nation has ever gone through such an experience, nor ever. He accepts that they became members of Israel, but argues that circumcision was no longer necessary because they were already circumcised by faith. In fact, a subtle danger exists in being too caught up in current events, as it can distract us from the 1590s in architecture vital spiritual preparation. We are a small non-profit that runs a high-traffic website, a daily TV and radio program, a bi-monthly magazine, the prophecy college in Jerusalem, and. This, therefore, becomes an extremely powerful verse in meaning of luke 21:36 us to understand exactly what we should be concentrating on at this time. If so, at what point does this happen?

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meaning of luke 21:36