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Alchemy secret societies and psychological warfare psyop

alchemy secret societies and psychological warfare psyop

PsyOps Bibliography. Tavistock . Towards a New Alchemy: The Millennium Science. Beir, V. . Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare. Coetur.
By tracing the origins of contemporary secret fraternities and occult societies we on as the occult alchemy, or practical magic still utilized by modern secret societies today. . World War I would weaken, topple and destroy the powerful Czarist . also engage directly in propaganda and other psychological operations.
Psychological warfare PSYWAR, or the basic aspects of modern psychological operations PSYOP, have been known by many other the black arts of magic and alchemy to manipulate the mind and brainwash the masses. Secret Societies And Psychological Warfare Part 3: Flattery And The Fallen Man – Duration. Psychological Operations - PSYOP - Being Conducted on SOCIETY

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New Brunswick, NJ: Transaction Books. NY, NY: Ives Washburn, Inc. I hope there is still time to do something. This is done by dividing and then collapse society upon itself by baiting the gun-owning American public into a violent revolution against their own police and military while the real terrorists sit off-shore and pull the strings. Mind Wars: The True Story of Government Research into the Military Potential of Psychic Weapons. Only two years later, again with Rockefeller.

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Look up William "Bill" Cooper's expose's he did on the National security Agency. Control of the Mind. He must have been irritated by something because after a minute or so his left legs started to shake so rapidly and vigorously that it made the row of seats shake. The unfolding of events on the trestle board of modern history can be analyzed as played-out Lodge dramas, rituals of initiation--ceremonial psychodrama Downard with a correlated component of psychological warfare Hoffman. This is because I find the occult repulsive and spooky. This tiny elite, then, has fallen, hook, line, and sinker, for the lies Satan told Eve in the garden. Nothing beeped, and nobody realized they were there! Insights from Michael A. Henry Makow in German. The Son of Sam murders were a brilliantly orchestrated ritual whose ceremonial aspects were as precise and detailed as the internal workings of a clock. Email check failed, please try again. The New Tesla Electromagnetics and the Secrets of Electrical Free Energy. NY, NY: Oxford University Press.