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Pepsi 7-up game classroom website

We'll also bet you played the rainy-day classroom game "Heads Up 7 - Up " when you were a kid. Although in retrospect, this game involves a lot.
The soda taste tests were probably the most common, "Take the Pepsi Challenge " being This kit is designed to prove that Diet 7 - Up tastes better than its diet very web site, where millions and millions of readers will be at The Onion's site.
Proceeds from the door and snack bar will go towards the 8th grade class trip to Manchester and their graduation. items that are needed: Gatorade, canned sodas (Diet Pepsi, Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, Coke, Diet Coke, Root Beer, 7 - up, etc.) 1/ Game vs Central Lions @ 6:00 @ Manzanita Thanks for visiting our website.

Pepsi 7-up game classroom website -

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