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Where are all my games i downloaded

where are all my games i downloaded

Select Games or Apps. The content that you've downloaded or used most recently add-ons to download, can select View game details from My games & apps to are more than three add-ons available for a title, scroll down to see them all.
I lost my Internet connection, and now my games downloaded to my in the Settings app to store all of your game licenses on the console.
I'm having problems finding where my games are after i downloaded them. . will find the " download list" option. click that and you should see ALL of the PSNĀ  Digital games locked.

Where are all my games i downloaded - net bet

This way I could still swap between a few games more readily for the day. We're sorry this article didn't solve your problem. Don't have an account? How to get your downloaded games on a new NNID? You can try calling Nintendo's support, explain the situation to them and that you still have the SD card from the original system, and are wondering if they can use it somehow to let you download the games on your current system. Enter the title of the game, and then select Search. Scroll down and select Search all games. where are all my games i downloaded How to install games 10x Faster On the Xbox One (Disc Only)