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203 BC

203 BC

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Year 203 BC was a year of the pre-Julian Roman calendar. or "The Rise of the Roman Empire", covering in detail the period between 220 and 146 BC (d.
The Great Plains 203 BC. Scipio and Masinissa vs Hasdrubal Gisgo and Syphax. Historical Background: “.Now Syphax and his friends had at first planned to.

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Thus perished the Celtiberians, but they nevertheless rendered the greatest service to the Carthaginians not only during the fighting but also in the rout, for had the Romans had not encountered their resistance, but immediately pursued the fugitives, very few of the enemy would have got away. Scipio aimed, firstly, to mislead the enemy that he was insecure and therefore anxious to conclude peace and, secondly, to reconnoitre the position and organization of the enemy. Scipio managed to persuade the senators that his plan was the perfect way to force the Carthaginians out of Italy. Hasdrubal and Syphax built their separate camps some distance from Castra Cornelia. Tian Heng declared himself to be king, gathered an army, and advanced to attack a detached part of the Han army, under the cavalry General Guan Ying. He knew that the Carthaginian preparations to attack Castra Cornelia were continuing, and with the first signs of the spring he launched a preemptive strike. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of 203 BC and Privacy Policy. The example had been made: no further cities defected to Hannibal's. By the fall of Syracuse and the reconquest of the parts of Sicily which had been temporarily lost after the battle of Cannae, the Romans secured a base for naval assault on Carthage. He fortified the narrow neck of land and set his winter quarters, relying on supplies of corn and clothing that were being sent to him from Sicily, Sardinia and Iberia. Hannibal only learned of the disaster when the severed head of his 203 BC was tossed into his camp. Fournie TheHistoryNet Ancient and Medieval Wars Second Punic War: Battle of Zama, p.

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Only their general as well as Syphax , with a small body of troops, managed to escape. Thus he gained a decisive strategic advantage, switched the focus of the war from Italy and Iberia to the Carthaginian northern Africa and contributed largely for the final victory of Rome. To this end he concluded an alliance with Syphax — one of the most powerful Numidian rulers at the time and an old foe of Carthage — even before he got authority from Rome to lead the future invasion. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Hasdrubal was again an excellent leader. For their part Syphax and Hasdrubal placed the Celtiberians in the centre opposite the roman maniples, the Numidians on the left, and the Carthaginians on the right. Utica , modern Tunisia.