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Alien pictures 2016

alien pictures 2016

It looks like aliens are taking notice of Guthrie and for them to leave the These pictures were taken on the 3rd of October 2016 and not seen.
You can see why some people thought the face was an alien -built monument on Mars. First published August 4, Update, November 3, 2016.: Adds images of Martian dunes, a dust devil, an unusual meteorite and the Schiaparelli lander.
When Aliens come we report it, when it's faked we report it and when UFOs Mr. Macdonald saw an up and close UFO-like object and managed to get a picture. alien pictures 2016 Belvoir UFO Photos, US Army. The dark colored object that is supposed to Alberta Highway 881 a UFO is actually the alien pictures 2016 fired from the crossbow. History of UFO Sightings Timeline. Is it really a Bigfoot skull? Hikers Take Photo of Grey Alien in Bulgaria. One Direction: Harry Styles Is Planning To Take Over Hollywood. It wasn't there and then it .

Alien pictures 2016 - forum

Popular UFO blog UFO Sightings Daily ran with speculation that the rock formation is a female figure likely made by aliens. Female statue on Mars? It's going to take a lot to get there, but we can do it if we all work together as we did with the space station. The newer, sharper, higher-resolution picture shows a much blobbier, less stark formation. You are commenting using your Facebook account. NASA scientist Doug Ellison rained on the extraterrestrial parade with the explanation that the blip was likely caused by a cosmic ray hit, the result of high-energy particles flying through space. Real pictures of UFOs and alien beings in 2016 HD UFO 2016