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Top 5 free games for android 2015

top 5 free games for android 2015

These are our picks for five of the best new Android games (May 2015) you can download for free.
Free Android games are a dime a dozen, right? Wrong: they're free, and they only seem to multiply when we look away. You won't have any.
There are hundreds of fantastic games available for Android, and a lot of them are Best free racing game for Android: Ridge Racer Slipstream.

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Zombies , Puzzle Games , RPG Joe Hindy Hi everyone! Different twists are peppered throughout the game's levels. Given that this is the eighth title in the Asphalt series, it probably comes as no surprise Gameloft's got a bit bored having sports cars merely zoom along at breakneck speeds and drift for ludicrous distances. Download Smash Hit here Multi-device party games are usually a bit glib, but Spaceteam bucks the trend with a quirky and oddball take on co-op gameplay. Candy Crush is beyond a game, it's a cultural phenomenon. I found the tips for playing marvel future fight : Only occasionally will the on-screen controls make you swear at your thumbs. Terms of Service Agreement. Now four people play it. The story finds you aboard a sentient space station that's gone nuts and turned all its on-board mechanoids evil. 10 Best FREE iOS & Android Games of November 2015 top 5 free games for android 2015