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274 area code

274 area code

A relief plan was approved back in 2008 for area code 920 of Wisconsin, USA. This area code covers the Eastern part of the state with larger.
274 deeee - 9 Jul 2015 | Have received numerous calls from this number and when you call back it says the number or code you have.
Recent complaints in Area Code: 274. 274 274 274 274 274 274 274 274. 4750 Maddison Hollow Ln Cumming GA Merle Land 404-274-8339

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Transferred me to his "senior officer" - "KEVIN GIBSON" who proceeded to tell me I had not reported student loans received on my tax returns. I knew it was a scam because it was to my business line and I never use that number for personal entries plus I don't do sweepstakes anyways lol. Wanted to transfer me and collect personal info. If you have any suggestions or comments contact us. They tried to get me to go into my computers registry file and event log, wasn't going to go into any computer files for these guys. If it IS a legitimate number, then it is possible that the number was used to "spoof" an incoming call to me thus hiding their real number. They are representing themselves as Computer Services, Bank Services.

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I called the number back and it went to a voicemail stating that they were on a call. I call the number back, and they say this number is disconnected. They don' leave message. Big scam, I hung up, I did not let him finish. Criminals, however, will victimize anyone, anywhere. Then he said can you hear me? You can't even call them back. Please note that Spoofing Caller ID may now be ILLEGAL under the recently passed law in the U. They may have moved from Wisconsin. This guy sent nude pics randomly - Anonymous California Was this comment helpful? He stated I was going to be 274 area code for federal fraud and tax evasion. Asked them for my IP address, which of course they couldn't provide anything other than some long random alphanumeric number that had nothing to do with anything, and didn't even resemble an actual IP address.