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Get all starter pokemon shiny gold

get all starter pokemon shiny gold

Hey guys, I was wondering which starters you can find in pokemon shiny gold and where can you find them. I don't know where any Johto starters are found.
In this part i show you how to get Treeco and Mudkip in Pokemon Shiny gold! Hope you guys enjoy!:D.
Like you read at our homepage, Pokemon Shiny Gold is a ROM hack version using Pokemon Fire Red Codebase. Therefore all Pokemon Fire Red Cheats. 4 Shiny Pokemon You'll ALWAYS Catch!
get all starter pokemon shiny gold Center next to the cave and fish in the water in the cave. Find all posts by Ivysaur. Recent Entries Best Entries Best Blogs Blog List. Originally Posted by Crashink. If I can get a list from someone I will list common questions .