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Ace 52 cqb loadout

ace 52 cqb loadout

If you need help with the recoil then try the Angled/Folding The gun has a higher spread increase then most so the Stubby/Potato helps to keep.
ace 52 loadout? Ive tried the scar h and like it, but the ace 52 seems " unpredictable" at best. I guess I Much prefer the ACE -23 CQB though. Most Effective Burst Length Available (MEBLA) - ACE.
Hope you guys enjoyed my Weapon Review of the ACE 52 CQB. I'll have more Battlefield 4 guides, BEST loadouts and weapon reviews in the future so stayed.

Ace 52 cqb loadout - bitcoin

This website comes in handy when you need to complete challenges with various weapons and need to know the best attachment combination for that weapon. Since the recent patch changed quite a few things within the UI and graphics I'm going to try and unload all the regular gameplay on to YT so there isn't patch... Become a part of our community! Video By domi o'connor. If this is your first visit on, also check out our weapon damage charts. Sign Up for free or Log In if you already have an account to be able to post messages, change how messages are displayed, and view media in posts. Then other times I do really well with angled and. I think that one solitary map really gets to people. Use the link below and then select "Submit New Idea" on the top left. I usually will burst it outside of close range, and anything beyond medium range I don't engage at all unless they can't return fire I. Skip navigation Advanced Search. You are not logged in.