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Alexander the great empire map

alexander the great empire map

Alexander's Empire This map shows Alexander the Great's massive empire and the route he took to conquer it. When his son, Alexander, took the throne in.
Map of A map of the empire of Alexander the Great at the time of his death (323 BC), showing the extent of the empire from Macedonia in Europe to the Indus.
Alexander, who was never defeated in battle, controlled a vast empire that spanned most of the known world by the time of his death in 323 B.C. at age 33. Alexandria was peopled by colonies of Greeks and Jews and quickly became the greatest Greek city of its time. Alexander's life. Wood - In the Footsteps of Alexander the great empire map the Great DVD. Alexander's life and military conquests affected world history long after his death. Turning north, Alexander went to Gordion, where there was a famous knot which no-one had been able to untie. While fighting the Persians, Alexander 1743 in Wales Egypt and founded a city at the mouth of the Nile River. Plutarch says that the incident so impressed Philip that he told the boy, "My son, you must find a kingdom big enough for your ambitions. Although Alexander was both intelligent and handsome, he also had a darker. Test yourself on our quick online quiz. Rise and Fall Alexander Empire:Every Year alexander the great empire map