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2ACV07 PUT YOUR HEAD ON MY SHOULDER * Episode * Futurama POP-OUT PEOPLE Characters & Background Set from Dark Horse Comics.
Futurama Put Your Head On My Shoulders. PKFC. Subscribe SubscribedUnsubscribe Loading.
Episode Sounds: - Put your Head on my Shoulder. Lincoln: "Fourscore and eleven hundred and forty-five years ago our forefathers' foreheads.

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Leela refuses, but Zoidberg is happy to join in. Only Amy's date is taking a satisfactory course, as both Petunia and Sal and every other date in the room Bender arranged have to catch their bus - it turns up Bender rounded up his candidates at a bus station to take a bus to Nutley. Follow GotFuturama on Twitter and Facebook! A Head in the Polls. Whether he wants it or not, Fry is going to spend a lot of time with Amy... Now Gary and Amy are planning to get busy in a more private fashion, which is a horrifying thought for Fry. Losers get really desperate around Valentine's Day. 2ACV07
Fry : Look, could chocolate just let me finish?. On the tour across the moon's frozen surface, Amy is asking Fry ace level quest diagnostics he wants 2ACV07 do on Valentine's Day, and he is preparing to break up with. Amy: "Yeah, but it's good to make them wait a little. Retrieved from " Why 2ACV07 I Be a Crustacean in Love?