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Diablo 3 how to use journeyman dice

diablo 3 how to use journeyman dice

1) I crafted a Journeyman Holy Tome (Rare templar relic) and it says +48 Strength do I use that or gain these properties? If I keep inĀ  Some one explain to me what tokens are.
Scoundrel Tokens are special items for Lyndon in Diablo III. Tokens are symbolic representations of a thief's purpose - loaded dice, lockpicks, satchels There are three Legendary tokens Lyndon can use, all of them drop at level 61 or later.
Scoundrel Tokens - Diablo III: Non-combat knives, pouches, dice and other materials Dice. Magic Scoundrel Token. 18. Journeyman Dice. diablo 3 hero guide review - level cap fast diablo 3 how to use journeyman dice