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Hawaii 50 female guest stars on ncis

hawaii 50 female guest stars on ncis

In addition, this episode also marks the debut appearances of Special Agent Sam She then tells the woman that they need to send someone here right away with . Back at Hawaii HQ, Kono tells Chin and Danny that it isn't smallpox with Both Chris O'Donnell and LL Cool J are credited as Special Guest Stars.
See also: List of Hawaii TV series) episodes . Meanwhile, Joe White calls in L.A NCIS agent Kensi Blye (Daniela Ruah) to review . finds a young woman dead in the same hotel where Governor.
There was an " NCIS: LA " crossover on the latest episode of ".

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He then tells the bodyguard to let her go with the bodyguard ordering Chin to drop his weapon or the young woman he's holding hostage will die. Danny tells Sam that it's his style but Sam states, "It's not a style. Danny isn't too thrilled, stating that the name's terrible but Callen admits that he likes it because it sounds classy. Joe White finds a lead in Mokoto, a veteran pilot of Japan's Pearl Harbor attack force, who befriended McGarrett's father before his death. However, the vials turn out to contain saline, and that the disgraced doctor Comescu worked with, Jarrod Prodeman Rob Benedict , took the vials and has already arrived in Los Angeles, forcing Callen and Sam to return to Los Angeles to stop a possible smallpox outbreak from becoming a reality with Danny and Chin coming along to help. As the other SUV drives along, back in the Camaro, Sam tells Danny that he might want to turn around, causing Danny to say, "You think so, doctor? Anyone else noticing how screwed up all this time they're skipping is?

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Am I one of the very few? A while later, Kono has arrived at a beach area and is searching for Bryan Palmer's cell-phone. Mary Ann McGarrett, Mary McGarrett. Main page Contents Featured content Current events Random article Donate to Wikipedia Wikipedia store. Sam, on the other hand has a bone to pick with the clothes that Danny's wearing, wondering why Danny dresses like that because he's in Hawaii. Please read the following before uploading. Jorge Morales, Jorge Moralez. hawaii 50 female guest stars on ncis
But of course, Danny changes tune by stating that he didn't 245th pope it. As he says that, Kono produces her phone and smiles before putting it away again, causing Chin to realize that she's seeing. As Callen looks at Sam, horrified, Danny then states that the suspect they're looking for is now on the mainland with nine vials of smallpox. Sam then decides to change the subject by remarking that Danny's Camero is a nice ride which Danny thanks him for before Sam asks Danny what the car's. Danny then wonders about the personal beef Callen has with Comescu with Callen telling Danny that Comescu killed Callen's entire family. Malia Waincroft, Chin's wife.