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T-26 tank

T-26 tank

The T - 26 Light Tank was produced in greater numbers than any other pre-war Soviet Tank, and was the most numerous tank in Red Army.
The other factory that manufactured T - 26 tank was STZ (Stalingrad Tractor Factory), which manufactured them 1933 - Soviet T - 26 tanks.
The experimental PS-2 gun was mounted on only three T - 26 tanks, the right turrets of which were replaced with small gun  Crew ‎: ‎3 (commander, gunner, driver). T-26 tank

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305 mm howitzer M1939 (Br-18) 930
DOWNLOAD FREE 2 PLAYER GAMES One decade had already passed, and the new Vickers tank embodied the advances of the time, or so T-26 tank were advertised. Arman was awarded with the Hero of the Soviet Union for that tank raid and active participation in the defense of Madrid. Chinese T-26 tank crews were trained under the supervision of Soviet specialists. Any tank can penetrate this, and won't hesitate to fire upon you. London: Arms and Armour Press. Engineers of the Factory No. The problems with organizing the complicated new technological processes, poor production planning of parts suppliers, a great shortage of qualified engineers and technicians as well as of necessary equipment still resulted in many of the tanks being flawed, and they were not accepted by army representatives.
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Your email will not be published. It had two turrets, being the domestic version of the Vickers Mark E. Because both tanks had advantages and disadvantages, S. German troops in Finnish Lapland had little tanks and even the ones they had were about equally old. This one was part of the first shipments which were made to the Spanish Republicans from the USSR, and it was later captured and pressed into service by the Nationalists. This meant that the tank commander was still loading the main gun in addition of leading the tank. Chinese tank crews were trained under the supervision of Soviet specialists. Later, some tanks were given to military supply depots and proving grounds. TMM stands for tank maloy moshchnosti or "tank of low power". T-26 tank tactical unit number is on the rear part of the turret. On this new hull.